Workshop series

The general topic of the Workshop is “Improving Citizens’ Engagement in Policy Development for a Sustainable European Union”. The aim of the Workshop is to foster debates and exchange of ideas and experiences on a major and topical European issue, that of achieving sustainability in the European Union, so that at the end, not only the participant becomes more aware of the existing issues and what can he/she do about it, but also becomes acquainted with the instruments at hand to engage more as an active citizen in the life of the European Union.

The needs that this event targets are:

  • the needs of the students to become acquainted with the current EU sustainability issues and most of all, with the instruments that these have at their disposal to better express themselves in a democratic environment, and
  • the needs of the Module and the professors to create a professional academic framework in which the above-mentioned topics can be discussed and tackled by the students as well as the invited speakers and participants.

The first Workshop is scheduled for March 2023. See more