In order to properly provide a high-quality and up-to-date teaching content for the 4 courses (which represent the main pillar of the NextStepEU project), the team members will have to involve in several research activities. The research activity of the team members will be grounded on an extensive documentation using up to date and representative sources and will be based on relevant statistical data from certified sources. It will have a multidisciplinary character, by combining various economic, environmental, social, historical, philosophical, ethical and geo-political approaches.

The objective of this research activity is to map the existing policy framework that is in place in the European Union focused on achieving sustainable development (SD), and forward policy proposals for improvement. We strongly believe that this research is absolutely necessary because it will help us reflect on, discuss and disseminate high quality information that could further identify procedures, instruments and mechanisms for sound policies that foster sustainable economic growth. In order for the EU SD strategy to be applicable for the whole EU, mechanisms for improving the coordination with other levels of governments have been proposed and businesses, NGOs and citizens have been invited to become more involved in working for sustainable development. As such, who could be more entitled to express their professional views then members of the academia that perform research and work in this area of expertise? For a long time now it has been stressed that EDUCATION and RESEARCH are important instruments in facilitating the transition to a more sustainable economy.

We thus invite all interested researchers who would like to perform their research activities under the NextStepEU affiliation to express their interest (thus becoming Research associates).

The research results will be disseminated at international conferences (as Conference participations) and as published Research papers in journals and conference proceedings.

In addition, the NextStepEU Newsletter will be created with key information for students and the general public.

Research associates
Conference participations
Research papers