The main pillar of the NextStepEU project is represented by the 4 courses: one course which delivers students specialized knowledge and a deeper understanding of Economic Integration and EU policies (and introduces the concept of sustainability while adopting a European perspective as well as policies to promote sustainability, poverty reduction and social inclusion) and the three courses which analyse, in depth, issues related to sustainable development and how they fit within the European social model. By immersing the students in the complex nature of the eco-social-growth trilemma, we aim to attain, at the end of the Module, a smarter, more resilient and, best of all, more engaged European Citizen.

The courses specific content tackles not only sustainability issues but also analysis the European integration process and what does it take to be an active European citizen, though a complementary spectrum of sciences from a historical, legal, geo-political, philosophical, ethical and statistical perspective, thus revealing a strong multidisciplinary approach. In support of this argument firmly stands the solid and diversified academic background in the field of EU studies of all the team members (professors), highlighted in their academic profile.

Around these 4 courses, an intricate and diverse web of activities, events and deliverables are built in order to enhance the quality of the teaching activities. These events and activities are either focused on raising awareness (on various EU issues and more specifically on the main topic of the Module), on enhancing research (in a direct as well as indirect manner), or on complementing the educational activities (through non-formal learning events). At the end, it is expected for the project to generate a generous portfolio of outputs (that are OER and replicable in nature).

Course description
Guest speakers
Academic year 2022/2023