Thematic field visits

The aim of the Educational (Academic) field-visits is to provide the students the necessary environment to interact with the settings, displays, and exhibits to gain an experiential connection to the ideas, concepts, and subject matter related to the topic of the Module. In other words, they could see in practice what we will be discussing during the teaching activities. These are genuine student experiences outside the classroom, at interactive locations designed for educational purposes.

There are five main objectives that this event will target:

  • to provide first-hand experience,
  • to stimulate interest and motivation in science,
  • to add relevance to learning and interrelationships,
  • to strengthen observation and perception skills, and
  • to promote personal (social) development.

Students will have the opportunity to express their vote in a democratic manner and choose between the options that we will have to offer. Simple majority will be applied.

More about these activities will be published as we are getting closer to the events.