After Teaching (Pillar I) and Research (Pillar II), the Events represent the 3rd Pillar of the NextStepEU Project. These events are either focused on raising awareness (on various EU issues and more specifically on the main topic of the Module), on enhancing research (in a direct as well as indirect manner), or on complementing the educational activities (through non-formal learning events).

In fact, an important cornerstone on which this Module is built resides in the event: “Conference on the Future of Europe”. Being a citizens-focused, bottom-up exercise for Europeans to have their say on what they expect from the European Union, the event was clearly a landmark in time and a Call for active participation from all members of society. It required from European citizens to take a greater role in shaping the EU’s future policies and ambitions, improving its resilience. The Presidents of the European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission call for citizens to engage more and have their say on Europe’s future. As such, we, as Higher Education Institution members, have the responsibility to pitch in and provide the necessary Guiding Steps for the Next Generation of Smarter and More Engaged Citizens in a Sustainable European Union (NextStepEU), so that they could properly answer the Call mentioned earlier.

The following events will be organized under the umbrella of the NextStepEU project:

  • Thematic field visits – organized yearly and in line with the topics of the Project
  • Webinar series – under the main theme “Addressing Key Economic, Social, and Environmental Sustainability Challenges”
  • Workshop series – under the main theme “Improving Citizens’ Engagement in Policy Development for a Sustainable European Union”
  • Occasional conferences – which include, but are not limited to: the Opening and Closing conferences of the Project, the KoFEAA series of conferences, etc.
  • KoFEAA lectures – interventions are meant to be short in length, taking as much as it would take you to drink your coffee
  • Academic conference – under the title “Challenges, Opportunities, and Policies for Sustainability in the European Union”.

Thematic field visits
Webinar series
Workshop series
Occasional conferences
KoFEAA lectures
Academic conference