Course description

I. The European Union and its Policies: An Engagement towards Sustainability (28 hrs.) See course syllabus

  • European Union: definition, history, purpose and principles
  • The European integration process: historical development, theories, basic concepts and the enlargement process
  • Common policies of the EU
  • EU as an evolving community in the process of achieving sustainable development
  • Applying the SDG Transformations for the EU

Professors: Marius APOSTOAIE, Bogdan CĂPRARU 

II. European Societal Issues and Social Progress (28 hrs.) See course syllabus

  • Guiding steps towards a strong and modern Social Europe
  • Supporting employment and equality of access and opportunities on the labour market
  • Fighting poverty, social exclusion, and income inequality in the European Union
  • Providing adequate social protection and modernizing social security schemes to face societal challenges
  • Promoting social and inclusive entrepreneurship in the European Union

Professors: Irina BILAN, Alexandru MAXIM 

III. Economic prosperity and financial security (28 hrs.) See course syllabus

  • Financial education in the context of welfare society and economic growth
  • Retail financial products and the individual prosperity and financial security
  • The public budget and the welfare of the citizen
  • Institutions that watch for the public interest in the financial context
  • Institutions that watch for the rights and security in the financial context

Professors: Bogdan CĂPRARU, Irina BILAN

IV. Environmental security and energy independence (28 hrs.) See course syllabus

  • Current environmental issues and challenges
  • EU Environmental Policy
  • Energy markets and challenges for consumers
  • EU Energy policy
  • Environmental security and energy independence

Professors: Alexandru MAXIM, Marius APOSTOAIE